Statements & Resolutions

Academic Senate Resolution on Priotizing the Recruitment, Hiring, Retention and Promotion of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Staff, Faculty and Administrators (March 2021)

Academic Senate Resolution to Condemn Anti-Asian Racism and Violence (April 2021)

Statement on Anti-Asian Violence 3/26/2021

We, at the Asian American & Pacific Islander Student Services denounce all violence targeting Asian Americans, including the recent murders of Asian American women in Georgia on March 16th. We continue to think of their families, our students, staff, and faculty in our collective grief and outrage. 

This violence is connected to systemic racism, white supremacy, misogyny, xenophobia, and all other forms of oppression, which are enacted as dangerous and divisive tools that impact our communities. We stand together against all forms of hate.

In our mission to serve Asian American & Pacific Islanders, access and visibility is a priority for our students at SFSU. This past year we have held multiple spaces to discuss the increased wave of racism and violence against Asian American communities due to COVID-19, including two recent student forums that encouraged us to reflect and process together. 

As we continue to provide spaces for our students, staff, faculty, and community members, please visit the following links to: 

Anti-Terror Law Statement 7/24/2020

Asian American & Pacific Islander Student Services-ASPIRE condemns the passing of the Anti-Terror Law by the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

The Anti-Terror Law (ATL) gives a vague definition on the term “terrorism” and what that could look like according to the Duterte administration. The ATL labels any individual as a “terrorist” if seen participating in actions such as going to a protest, speaking up against the current administration on social media, or even posting memes about the administration. Any form of activism and resistance shown by people in the Philippines and those in the diaspora, regardless of citizenship and residency, would be deemed a terrorist act. People in suspicion could face dire consequences such as legal arrest or detainment without a warrant while the assigned council, military, or police will have the ability to conduct surveillance, access databases, and freeze assets.

At the core of Asian American & Pacific Islander Student Services- ASPIRE’s mission is to serve Asian American & Pacific Islanders (AA&PI) students, improve the learning environment, and strengthen academic outcomes. This mission is informed by the legacy of the Black Student Union-Third World Liberation Front which was led by students in the 1968 to provide Ethnic Studies as a way to combat academic and systemic racism, imperialism, colonialism, and militarism. Our work in increasing access and success of AA&PI students in higher education by assisting them in connecting their histories with contemporary political conditions would be considered a terrorist act. AA&PI Student Sevices-ASPIRE’s fundamental goal to increase AA&PI students power to access and use their civil liberties would be considered a terrorist act. As a resource known to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community at San Francisco State University, it is our duty to inform and educate our communities about what is happening globally and how it can affect us locally.

With this law in effect, Filipina/x/o immigrants and Filipina/x/o American students and faculty in our community who plan to travel to the Philippines can be held with suspicion of terrorism simply because they have spoken up about state violence and terror in their classrooms. In August 2019, the Philippine military attempted to murder Bradon Lee, an SFSU Asian American Studies alumni and human rights advocate, who was vocal about being red-tagged due to his journalism highlighting the political repression of indigenous communities under the Duterte Administration.

We join our community to demand the repeal of the Anti-Terror Law!
Ethnic Studies is not terrorism!
Teaching and learning is not terrorism!
Activism is not terrorism!

Want to learn more and join the movement?
Check out the resources below:
Junk Terror Law
Para Sa Pinas
Support SFSU Alumn Brandon Lee

Join the Junk Terror Law email protest

Grassroots organizations: Malaya Movement, BAYAN USA, International Coalition for Human Rights in The Philippines, Anakbayan USA, League of Filipino Students at SF State

Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement 6/9/2020

We at Asian American & Pacific Islander Student Services - ASPIRE denounce the murders of Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and state sanctioned violence that targets Black communities. We stand in solidarity with our Black students, faculty, and staff at San Francisco State University and throughout the nation. We understand the root causes to systemic racism, white supremacy, and all other forms of oppression, which are enacted as dangerous and divisive tools that impact our communities. Our freedom and liberation are tied to one another and we commit to learning, reflecting and working on our internalized oppression, how it shows up in our communities and continue to take action to dismantle ideological and institutional oppression.