Asian American and Pacific Islander Retention and Education (ASPIRE) Program

In 2016, SF State was awarded a $1.5 million AANAPISI grant to create the Asian American and Pacific Islander Retention and Education (ASPIRE) Program. The goal of ASPIRE is to improve and expand SF State’s capacity to serve high-need Asian American and Native American Pacific Islanders and low-income degree-seeking undergraduate students, improve the learning environment, and strengthen academic outcomes.

This project involves three comprehensive and complementary activities:

  • Broad dissemination of information and targeted support to high-need AA&PIs
  • Student learning communities with culturally-relevant and community-responsive practices, linked courses, and peer mentors
  • Faculty development and faculty learning communities

There are four pillars of ASPIRE that frame our learning outcomes for our faculty and students:

    Our focus is on leadership, equity, social justice, and writing with a purpose.

    In our spaces, we help students to think about internships, scholarships, and financial aid as they navigate the institution. As well as build authentic and meaningful relationships with their faculty members and each other.

    While the ultimate goal is to help students succeed to graduation, we want to make sure our students are prepared for their career goals and/or graduate school.

    In our learning communities, we understand praxis as an ongoing, reflective approach to taking action. We encourage our students, staff, and faculty to research, respond, and reflect to address our needs collectively on campus and in our communities.